International Trade is complex in nature as it involves multiple geographies, huge volumes and many regulations. Hence, it becomes necessary to understand the intricacies of International Trade. Our experts provide best in class needs of the client for smooth functioning and processing of Trade transactions. We streamline the creation and delivery of complex LC and other trade products and therefore the customers are paid faster and in a more efficient manner and thereby lowering the costs.

We have experienced people working with us who have worked with Global Trade banks and we directly liaise with the banks to understand their needs.


- Avoiding other costs/discrepancy fee

- Reducing costs

- Smooth processing of transaction

- Prepare LC documents which will lead to fewer errors and fast payment

- Sample documents available for all transactions

- Buyer/seller, country concentration

Services being offered:

- Checking of documents as per UCP 600 / Documentation preparation and perfection

- LC discounting (Inland & Foreign )

- RBI (FED) related approvals

- Open a/c payment & advance payment (Outward)

- Buyer’s credit documents & financing

- Letter of Credit/SBLCs/BGs Limits

- Regularization of Export & Import documents (EDPMS / IDPMS closure)

- Pre-shipment and post shipment finance

- DC confirmation requirements

- Transferable DCs